Fundraiser Aerial Services

DEL-MADE apparel company put together a fundraiser poker run on the Nanticoke River and our team was able to provide them with some aerial photography and videography for their promo video for next year. This was the 1st annual event and it was a huge success!

In order to fly this event I had to communicate and work with the authorities, including The Secret Service, due to a temporary flight restriction while The President was in town.

Site Clearing

Client called about a property he had just purchased and was working to clear part of it. He wanted some aerial photos so that he could markup where he wanted to cut in lots and build his buildings. We were able to provide the overview along with providing an accurate scale so that he could place buildings on the picture in “actual” size and see his vision come to fruition.

Cell Tower Inspection

We received a call from one our clients to perform a quick aerial survey of this tower as there were reports of poor signal. About 2 hours later our client had a quick overview of the condition of the tower and found a birds nest that had damaged some components while being constructed by a bird. The client was able to dispatch a technician with the required replacement components in 1 trip.