About Us

Based in Nibley, Utah, DroneX Industries is a drone service company focused on providing the highest quality inspection services, from both the air and underwater, servicing Cache County and surrounding areas. Our specialty is working with industrial and commercial clients to reduce safety risks, increase operational efficiency, and provide a greater overview than ever imaginable… quickly!

Our Pilots are FAA Part 107 commercially licensed, which means our team of professionals have passed a test deeming them knowledgeable to operate drones safely per FAA standards. It is our goal to partner with your team to alleviate some of the risks and pressure of trying to inspect a project, track progress, and get the work completed quickly and safely.

With a team skilled in many areas that very few other companies possess, we are confident that the DroneX Industries team can help you win big on your next project! Contact us today to discuss how our team can serve you!