Real Estate Services

Real Estate Aerial Photography has always been a popular way for owners and clients alike to obtain an attractive overview of a property by showcasing it in a way that provides a complete view of the property and the surrounding areas to see a home in relation to it’s surroundings, especially when located nearby a pristine view such as a beach or to show off how remote a property is located!

  • A home is one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime, you have worked hard to make it your own, be proud to show it off!
  • As a realtor, utilizing a drone service provider in your real estate marketing strategy allows you to highlight the landscape, outdoor features, and location of the home in 4k.
  • Per NAR, according to the MLS, homes displayed with aerial shots are 68% more likely to sell

With sites such as Zillow or Realtor, a home sale/purchase can and has been made 100% online and remotely. Coupled with our inspection or thermographic survey, every real estate transaction can be coupled with a complete 360° inspection of the home exterior with reports, and a thermographic aerial survey showing where there may be potential roofing issues or even low spots on the property that may be wetter than the rest of the property possibly indicating a flooding issue. As a realtor, this would be an excellent package to have available to your prospective clients!

What’s more, drones can also be used to create fantastic indoor shots or inside-out shots by being able to maneuver into relatively confined areas, perhaps otherwise inaccessible indoor spaces providing a very thorough property examination.

Commercial Real Estate can benefit from many of the same features that propel residential real estate listings to the top of the search list, but there are many opportunities to elevate your commercial real estate listing as well, here a few examples:

  • Buildings with crane rails – A drone can get an up-close view of the rail systems and provide a quick overview of current conditions quickly and safely.
  • Provide high level ceiling and roof evaluations quickly and safely.
  • Showcase the overall floor plan and/or work space available to your clients.
  • Show the relation to the highway and/or rail services for shipments and deliveries.

DroneX industries is excited to work with you, to not only improve your real estate marketing strategy, but to provide clients with the opportunity to make well informed decisions that help to expedite the process from beginning to end with little to no surprises at the end. Our goal is to provide you with the edge to put your over the top of your competition!