Special Event Services

Special Event Services – Aerial videography is a versatile tool for documenting corporate, private and community-based events. Using sophisticated drone technology, we provide a perspective unavailable with traditional videography methods.

  • Aerial Videography for Live Event Coverage –  Aerial videography captures the essence and spectacle of public and community events in ways that ground-based imaging cannot. Some of the events our aerial videography services can cover are live sporting events, auctions, charity functions, festivals, concerts and promotional events.. Our state of the art drones have superb outreach and can operate well in both day and night time operations.
  • Capture Your Special Event with Aerial Event Videography – Weddings, birthday parties, concerts, fundraisers, etc… create a memory that lasts a lifetime! Our high quality footage is captured from above, safely and unobtrusively. Our experienced operators are highly qualified and FAA-certified for overhead operation. We can capture virtually any outdoor event but, in many cases, our technology is appropriate for use in indoor venues as well, even getting a FPV view!  You will own your videos &  images, thus you can share with family and friends on social media or anywhere else you would like.

We are fully licensed, insured and certified to capture your special event from a unique overhead perspective. Our special event videography services are customized to your needs, your budget and the venue. Our services require minimal setup so we never steal focus from the occasion.

Our stunning aerial video footage will focus on the aspects of your event that you choose. From sweeping overviews and flyovers to the intimate facial expressions and reactions of participants and attendees, DroneX Industries will capture the essence of your event.