Find 10 times as many issues as ground inspections in 10% of the time and at 10% percent of the cost.

With the ever changing and improving technology which surrounds photovoltaic cells withing the renewable energy sector, there has been a high demand for the implementations of solar farms. However, just like all assets, proper monitoring and maintenance will ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved throughout the lifespan of the asset.

DroneX Industries is here to partner with you from the very beginning, assisting with project planing, project tracking, and scheduled maintenance inspections. What used to take days for a multi-man crew can now be completed within a few hours with higher accuracy.

Benefits of utilizing aerial drone

  • Warranty Tracking
    • Make sure you are getting adequate exposure to your photovoltaic panels, this ensure’s maximum efficiency from the start and this is what you paid for.
    • Immediately check for any failed cells and identify where they are easily while the panels are new and under a manufacturer’s warranty with photo evidence for your claim.
  • Documentation
    • Receive accurate as-built pictures and/or point cloud models to overlay with the design files to ensure the pr0ject is being constructed accurately.
    • Upon startup, photos of each panel can be taken and stored in the project file, and at this time, any failed cells can be repaired or replaced.
    • Document project progress on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis as requested.
  • Construction Issues
    • Ensure that the project is being constructed per the design documentations and that all cabling is properly routed and connected.
    • Check for any loose terminals, improperly installed panels, excessive shading, etc.
    • Document and record photo evidence of any errors that will require a warranty claims.
  • Time and Cost Savings
    • Ensure maximum efficieny is achieve through adequeate sun exposure and no excessive shading.
    • Aerial drone inspections take a fraction of the time required for a multi-man team, reports are received by the customer much faster to remedy issues much sooner.
    • Utilizing drones instead of manned teams reduces the hazard exposures for your team members.

Give DroneX Industries a call to discuss your project today, our team is prepared to partner with you!